#MyIndustry: Italian lawyers live in the past

#MyIndustry: Italian lawyers live in the past

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#MyIndustry: Italian lawyers live in the past

I am a lawyer in Italy and when I come across the activities of our Bar Association (whether local or national) it feels like living in the 19th century.

That is, in a nutshell, the state of #MyIndustry: resistant to change, modernisation, innovation, internationalisation, competition.

  • Change: the attitude towards the client, who is more informed than ever before, should move to truly specialised legal support and to a client-oriented experience
  • Modernisation: responsive and SEO-friendly websites, web and social media marketing, client-friendly and customised fee structures, mobility;
  • Innovation: cloud computing, paperless firm, webcall;
  • Internationalisation: partnerships with foreign lawyers and, most of all, proficiency in legal-English;
  • Competition: lawyers are entrepreneurs and they should act accordingly, beating competition through quality of services and affordable fees and stop relying on the protectionism offered by the Bar Association (a monopolistic public body founded during the fascism).

Just recently, the Italian Supreme Administrative Court confirmed the € 1 mio fine imposed by the Italian Antitrust Authority to the Italian National Bar Association for measures against the competition. The background story in brief: in open violation of art. 101 TFEU, the Italian National Bar Association sanctioned a handful of lawyers who were advertising themselves on a website promising discounted fees.

Italian lawyers, especially the oldest ones who are oppressing the young professionals, need to open their minds. Technology, innovation, the Internet, webmarketing are not enemies and are not unethical. The world has changed and is changing. Everything is affected, included our ancient industry.

We can not afford living in the past.

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