Claudio Bertolotti

Claudio Bertolotti

Strategic analyst and cultural mediator

Claudio Bertolotti is expert in risk and opportunities analysis, cultural mediation and assistance of markets (sociopolitical and cultural analysis); he deals with crisis regions, national strategic interest, intercultural dialogue, business internationalisation.

Independent strategic analyst and teacher of “Area analysis”, he is the senior researcher for Italy at “5+5 Defense Initiative” of the Euro-Maghreb Centre for Research and Strategic Studies (CEMRES), he works with the University of Turin as expert in Conflict, security and state building and he is member of the Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues & Managing Emergencies (ITSTIME).

He has been working as SME (Subject Matter Expert) expert of state organisations and of NATO, in particular for the “Human intelligence” Centre of Excellence contributing to the NATO guideline on human aspects of operation environment.

He has been ISAF‘s counter-intelligence area chief in Afghanistan and he has introduced the ‘three-fold interpretation of the asimmetric threat’ method and the idea of  “New Insurrectional Terrorism” recently adopted at an international level and included in the official document of the “5+5” initiative for the defense and security of the Mediterranean.

Author of a number of scientific and academic papers and articles, he is invited to national and international conferences and meetings, he works with the main Italian Think Tanks (ISPI, IAI, NDG) and he is also columnist at L’INDRO.

He graduated in contemporary history, specialising in sociology of Islam and Ph.D. in Socoilogy and Political Science, specilising in International Relationships.

Blogs “Afghanistan Sguardi e Analisi” e “MENA outlook