Business internationalisation

Internationalisation consultancy: geopolitical analysis of target countries, export assistance, contracts, taxes

Innovation and Start-Up

Open innovation, Industry 4.0,  negotiation with investors, SaaS agreements, e-commerce, compliance privacy and app

Company crisis management

Strategic assistance in order to relaunch a company in crisis

Company incorporation

Analysys of the most cost-effective national and international fiscal and corporate structures

Foreign markets analysis

Risks and opportunity analysis, cultural mediation, sociopolitical and cultural analysis

EU Funds

Search&find of the European Union public fund opportunities for research and innovation (in collaboration with I&D Consulting)

Who We Are


Professionals of significant national and international experience offering cost-effective and modern legal services to entrepreneurs.

We offer high specialization, mobility, responsiveness and pragmatism



Internationalisation and M&A, innovation and start-ups, company crisis, corporate, insolvency and banking litigation

Entrepreneurial Approach

Entrepreneurial Approach

We think as entrepreneurs and businesspersons: law should support entrepreneurs, not restrain business



Direct relationship with the partners, brief opinions, clear language, support to any company level



We offer assistance at the client’s premises or through modern means such as Skype and WhatsApp



We work with experts in order to offer strategic and multidisciplinary consultancy services and for the business internationalisation



Customised fee structure (contingency, milestones, subscription, hour-based, lump sum). Clear quotations. No 15% reimbursement for general expenses.


Battaglini-De Sabato Attorneys-at-law offers to enterprises the following legal and strategic consultancy services


Raffaele Battaglini

Raffaele Battaglini


Expert in business internationalisation, innovation, M&A deals and start-ups. He has a deep knowledge of company mechanisms and timing due to a secondment period in the internal legal department of a large international corporation active in the energy field. Here, he managed M&A deals, and supported the procurement office and the avio business.

Graduate in 2005 at the Law School of teh University of Turin. In 2006, he gained the LL.M. in Innovation, Technology and the Law at The University of Edinburgh. Then he trained at the M&A department of Gianni, Origoni, Grippo & Partners law firm specialising in national and international commercial contracts, cross-border M&A transactions and corporate law.

He is Common Representative of the Bondholders of a company active in the automotive field.

He is Secretary General and Board member of AGICONSUL – Legal Counsels Association – member of CONFINDUSTRIA Innovative and Technological Services where he is speaker in events about business internationalisation and startups.

Fluent in English language.

Member of the Bar Association of Turin.                   s-logo-solidraffaelebattaglini                     Visualizza il profilo di Raffaele Battaglini su LinkedIn

Emanuela De Sabato

Emanuela De Sabato


Expert in commercial, banking and bankruptcy litigation. She has worked in two well-known law firms specialized in corporate banking and bankruptcy law.

Member of board of directors of Milan-base company active in the publishing field for kids and young generations.

Member of the Giurisprudenza Commerciale law journal’s Turin-based committee. She is also author of several papers in bankruptcy and corporate legal matters, and speaker at training courses on bankruptcy law and unlawful compound interests.

She is internal arbitrator at AGICONSUL – Legal Counsels Association – member of CONFINDUSTRIA Innovative and Technological Services.

Excellent problem-solving attitude.

She speaks French and English languages.

Member of the Bar Association of Turin.                     s-logo-solideelisewyn                   Visualizza il profilo di Emanuela De Sabato su LinkedIn


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Our Experts

Claudio Bertolotti

Claudio Bertolotti

Strategic analyst and cultural mediator

Claudio Bertolotti is expert in risk and opportunities analysis, cultural mediation and assistance of markets (sociopolitical and cultural analysis); he deals with crisis regions, national strategic interest, intercultural dialogue, business internationalisation.

Independent strategic analyst and teacher of “Area analysis”, he is the senior researcher for Italy at “5+5 Defense Initiative” of the Euro-Maghreb Centre for Research and Strategic Studies (CEMRES), he works with the University of Turin as expert in Conflict, security and state building and he is member of the Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues & Managing Emergencies (ITSTIME).

He has been working as SME (Subject Matter Expert) expert of state organisations and of NATO, in particular for the “Human intelligence” Centre of Excellence contributing to the NATO guideline on human aspects of operation environment.

He has been ISAF‘s counter-intelligence area chief in Afghanistan and he has introduced the ‘three-fold interpretation of the asimmetric threat’ method and the idea of  “New Insurrectional Terrorism” recently adopted at an international level and included in the official document of the “5+5” initiative for the defense and security of the Mediterranean.

Author of a number of scientific and academic papers and articles, he is invited to national and international conferences and meetings, he works with the main Italian Think Tanks (ISPI, IAI, NDG) and he is also columnist at L’INDRO.

He graduated in contemporary history, specialising in sociology of Islam and Ph.D. in Socoilogy and Political Science, specilising in International Relationships.

Blogs “Afghanistan Sguardi e Analisi” e “MENA outlook


Luca Ferrini

Luca Ferrini


Certified Public Accountant in Turin. MSc in Economics at London School of Economics. PhD in Business and Management at University of Turin.

He is expert in fiscal litigation, international tax, M&A deals.

Speaker at conferences on fiscal and tax matters.

Lecturer on contract on economic topics at the University of Turin.

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Stefano Munaron

Stefano Munaron

Temporary Export & General Manager

Manager and consultant with a strong international experience in the role of marketing, sale and general manager. Bachelor degree in chemistry, he gained a Economics MBA in Turin.

He has worked in several BtoB industries, with deep knowledge of the biomedical, pharma and welness sectors, where he has covered several high level roles as expat in the foreign countries (USA, UK, China, Japan): managment of operative and strategic marketing department, (at Headquarters level) and of the direct and indirect sale department. His experience vary from multinational group of companies and SME, as well as start-up and take-off projects, generational turnover, turnaround and business development.

He took part to internationalisation projects addressed to SMEs organised by public regional institutions as expert manager.

Fluent in English. He speaks also French and Spanish.



Riadi Piacentini

Riadi Piacentini

Trademarks and privacy

Expert in trademarks, privacy and digital start-up, Riadi Piacentini regularly advises both young entrepreneurs in the start-up of the business and established entrepreneurs in the planning and implementation of the protection of their intellectual properties.

Law degree in 2005 at the University of Turin, Executive Master in Business Law at IFAF Business School in 2008, Mater in Intellectual Property at Convey in partnership with CCIAA of Turin in 2012 and Master in New Technologies at the Alma Mater Studiorum “University of Bologna” in 2014.

Federprivacy memeber, co-founder of BitLegal, digital startupper in the trademark field.

Member of the Bar Association of Rome.


I&D Consulting

I&D Consulting

European Union relationships

ID Consulting is more than a consultancy company: it is a fascinating story started in 1997 from the ideas of its founding members who shared a strong passion for research, innovation and sustainable development. Lying at the very heart of the European Union, ID Consulting had the opportunity to witness historical changes and to play an active role in them.

Because of its solid ethical values, its excellet knowledge of European Institutions framework and its ability to translate innovative ideas into concrete and successful projects, over the years ID Consulting was able to gain the trust of its clients and of teh European Institutions which appreciate their innovative approach.

Among its services: search&find of EU funds, consultancy, lobbying, dissemination and communication of projects results, evaluation and financial analysis of projects, training/coaching sessions on specific topics and much more.


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